White Room – Our entry for Ludum Dare 37

The theme for the 37th edition of Ludum Dare was “One Room” and White Room is our entry for it.

It’s a game where you have to match the color of the walls with the color of the ball.
If the ball hit a wall with a different color, it’s game over. Otherwise the ball will change its color.

White Room


Check our entry for Ludum Dare 35

Our entry for Ludum Dare 35, where the theme was “shapeshifting”, is Do Robots Dream About Yoga?.

It’s a game where you have to pose the robot by moving its limbs with the mouse to avoid fall into the pit!
There are 15 very challenging levels.
We DARE you to become the MASTER of Do Robots Dream About Yoga!

Do Robots Dream About Yoga?



Piques New game mode coming and gaming at sundown!

We heard you. You want it a quick mode so you could play it at those very short idle times. And we’re working on it!

Piques will have a Classic and Quick game modes now, where Classic is the game you all guys already know and the Quick will be the new time-based mode.

In the Quick mode, hitting red objects will make you lose points instead of piques, because piques will be reducing over time. So you have to be really quick and accurate to beat a highscore. The mode is complete and we’re just playing around with it for balancing. We plan to release it to the beta testers very soon and if we get no surprises, we will make it public as soon as possible. Along with the mode we will try to include some new achievements too.

In this release we’ll also include a “night mode” for playtime in dark environments, so your eyes will not bleed anymore trying to play while in bed. We care about your health. 🙂

We redid the menus and had some minor bugs fixed.

Stay tuned for more updates!