A new project on the rise

We’ve been working on a project for a while and we want to share a little bit about it.

It’s a game called Pixelrama and it’s about positioning paint-carrying puzzle pieces to form a beautiful yet simple pixel art drawing. Think as a mix of Pipe Mania, classic jigsaw games and Picross. Maybe it’s better to show a really early-stage GIF of it:

Really early-stage gameplay and art

The game is going to follow the same minimalist aesthetic of Piques, but this time around, with a little more of a zen gameplay.

Currently, we have in mind an Android and Desktop release. We would love to have it also for iOS but we need to wait for the project to move forward and check if there is interest enough in the game for us to invest in Apple devices.

We plan on posting small progress updates in this very blog and also some tidbits over Twitter and Facebook, so follow us there as well.

So stay tuned for more info and thanks for reading!


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