Pixelrama is making some noise

We decided to add some “cheap” juice really early, so we started playing around with sound effects. The challenge is that, currently, we have no musician in the team, so we are improvising as we go.

Since the idea of the game is supposed to be a calm, minimalistic experience, we tried simple and clean sounds as well. For the rotation action, we experimented with about 10 different sounds or variations. We’re still not sure about it, but we think they sound pretty good, at least for now.

Once you complete a region (a small colored portion of the puzzle), you will hear a pleasant sound of just two notes. If you complete regions fast enough, you will hear the two notes being played in a sequential progression, getting higher and higher pitch. Currently, we have 8 distinct sounds for completing a region.

And, of course, when completing the whole puzzle, you should also expect to hear something gratifying. The game then will play a bright and uplifting note progression in an arpeggio fashion. Fancy description, but this is how it sounds like:

What do you think about the sounds? Do they sound good to you?


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